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Announcing our newest Member Benefit: Zion Health

ZION Health available as an Employer Group or Individual enrollment.

Zion Health is a terrific alternative that will not only save members thousands of dollars annually, but handle expenses not typically covered by traditional health insurance. Zion isn’t health insurance, it is a community membership that can share health care expenses, with no upper limit! Because Zion is not ‘health insurance’, there are different terms used that essentially mean the same things. For example, health insurance requires “deductibles”, and Zion uses the term “Initial Unshareable Amount (IUA).

With a Zion membership, once the IUA is satisfied, expenses are paid at 100%, something rare if not unavailable in traditional health insurance plans. Zion also doesn’t use the term “premium”, instead using “monthly contribution”; again, meaning the same thing: what you’ll pay each month. And here is where the rubber meets the road: Typical monthly premium for a family ACA plan in DFW: $1,020.00, along with an $8,700.00 deductible. Granted, there may be a temporary subsidy available, which will bring the premium down to (maybe) $660.00, with the same $8,700.00 deductible.

A family Zion plan offers a choice of IUAs. If you decide on a high Initial Unshareable Amount ($5000), a family plan would be a monthly contribution of $470! The lowest IUA ($1000) requires a monthly contribution of $620! Another feature: you can keep your doctor! Really; there’s no network requirements and you choose the medical practitioner to work with!

Attached is a brochure with plan options and pricing. Please schedule an appointment with our highly trained representatives or review a recorded webinar presentation on the CSI Financial website.