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Company Overview

The Patient Choice Coalition is one of Texas and Oklahoma’s largest coalition of In- and Out-of-Network healthcare providers and facilities. The Coalition seeks to represent those who haven’t been represented well by state associations and other lobbying organizations. Members of the Patient Choice Coalition vary in specialty and facility type, but all work together to reform our healthcare system by protecting the business of medicine, increasing access, decreasing costs, and providing innovative free-market alternatives. Our membership consists of 1000’s of patients and individual physicians, as well as Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Freestanding Emergency Facilities, Hospitals, and Infusion and Diagnostic Laboratories.  

The Patient Choice Coalition works alongside our members to lobby for legislative initiatives, collaborate with all state agencies delegated for regulatory and/or consumer protection of health insurance related issues, practice management guidelines and most importantly, patient protection. These efforts start with drafting proactive legislation that reforms our healthcare system in a way that benefits you and your patients. 

What makes the Patient Choice Coalition superior to other state associations and lobbying organizations? 

The Patient Choice Coalition focuses 100% of its efforts on the business of medicine and avoids scope-of-practice battles that pit provider against provider. All Coalition lobbyists provide their efforts entirely toward your issues and are never conflicted by other clientele. The typical lobbyist “MO”  is of representing a wide range of clients, many of which pay differently. Some of those clients may conflict with others, and those who compensate best will receive the most amount of time and effort. As a member of the Patient Choice Coalition, you NEVER have to worry about conflicts of interest and how much time we’ll spend on your issues. All Coalition members are advocating for the same thing and therefore we’re all MOVING FORWARD TOGETHER!! 

Due to actively working in both Texas and Oklahoma, the Patient Choice Coalition offer its membership networking unlike any other. With the most respected lobbyists and healthcare attorneys, there’s nothing concerning healthcare that the Coalition isn’t aware of and actively involved in. JOIN the Patient Choice Coalition and find out how you can benefit as one of our members….