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Uniting Physicians
and Patients

Through a grass roots effort, we advocate for physician-owned healthcare centers to ensure the integrity of the healthcare industry. We are uniting with physicians and healthcare facilities in order to protect the viability of the free market healthcare industry against, what many feel, are unethical actions taken by the insurance companies.

Our Mission and Goal

The Mission of PCCTX is to proactively advocate, educate and lobby for patients’ concerns over their healthcare choices and access of physician owned healthcare facilities and defend the free market healthcare system. Our goal is to identify, implement or change existing legislation to promote the integrity of the healthcare industry, individual physicians and patients.

How we’re fighting for you

    Protect Emergency Care

  • Prohibit the act of "final diagnosis emergency care denials"
  • Defend Prudent Layperson Standard
  • Decrease Healthcare Costs

  • Enable patients to “shop" for their care and offset out-of-pocket expenses (Right-to-Shop Program)
  • Decrease Administrative Burden of Healthcare Providers & Facilities

  • Streamline claims adjudication process
  • Promote Competition and Transparency

  • “Level the Playing Field” among providers of healthcare (e.g. remove unnecessary barriers to entry & regulatory burdens)
  • Ensure transparency of healthcare costs and insurance reimbursement
  • Repeal Certificate of Need laws
  • Direct-Payment

  • Assignment of Benefits
  • Malpractice Reform

  • Candor Act
  • Protect Physician-Ownership

  • CMS recognition of physician-owned Hospitals and Freestanding Emergency Medical Care Facilities

PCCOK Members

Patient Choice Coalition of Texas members is comprised of over 45 Ambulatory Surgery Centers, 12 Hospitals, 110 free-standing Emergency facilities, Infusion Centers and Diagnostic Laboratories. Over 3,000 physicians, surgeons, and patients are represented by PCCTX as well as numerous other Healthcare specialty facilities. Our members are located in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, as well as many other towns and cities in Texas.

Contact Dan Chepkauskas at (832) 877-0800 if you would like a membership application and more information.