Apply for Employee Retention Tax Credit

Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERC)

The Patient Choice Coalition Strategically Partnered with Jorn & Associates

Are you missing out on employee Retention Tax credits?

• Small and medium businesses as well as tax-exempts/charities are leaving billions of dollars on the table because they don’t know if they qualify

• The IRS management anticipated that approximately 70% - 80% of small and medium businesses (as well as tens of thousands of charities) were good candidates for taking the ERC. The reality is, to date the actual numbers of businesses and charities applying for the ERTC is far below that

• The failure of business owners and tax-exempt managers to take advantage of the ERTC is due to fundamental misunderstandings and confusion about the credit and the CARES ACT

• The core problem is that business owners and tax-exempt managers (as well as many CPAs) do not understand the goal Congress was intending to accomplish with this $80 billion dollar tax credit

• You could be receiving up to $26k per F/T W2 Employee for both 2020 & 2021

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